Snoozy Alarm Clock

Snoozy Alarm Clock

Snoozy Alarm Clock

Michael Mangold
iOS 7.0 +


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Product Description

Snoozy brings the excitement of Philips hue lights to the best smartphone alarm clock. With Snoozy running on your nightstand, set the mood by switching to one of your custom color palettes, adjust brightness with a two-finger swipe or toggle your lights on and off with a long press. Controlled from Snoozy, Philips hue lights can:

• Turn on with scheduled alarms.
• Flash when an alarm sounds, if desired.
• Fade in over a specified time.
• Color cycle through the hue spectrum.
• Turn on and off with a long press from any clock face.
• Adjust brightness with a two-finger swipe from any clock face.
• Be organized into themed ‘Constellations’ for easier control.
• Coordinate with thousands of color palettes through Snoozy’s integration with

With Snoozy’s easy-peasy snooze function, snooze lovers need never again worry about accidentally canceling their alarms. Once a Snoozy alarm sounds, touching anywhere on-screen activates snooze–no more aiming for the snooze button. Once snooze is active, a slider counts down the remaining minutes before snooze ends. Adjusting the slider to zero cancels the alarm. Sliding in the opposite direction adds precious snooze minutes. If snooze is not set, touching anywhere on-screen cancels the alarm and you’re done. It’s that simple. No more hitting the wrong button with your half-asleep touch. Some of Snoozy’s best features:

• Four beautifully smart clock faces, two analog and two digital, with six selectable fonts.
• When in the foreground, Snoozy sounds your alarm even when ‘Do Not Disturb’ is turned on or your ringer switch is set to the silent position.
• All clock faces support portrait and landscape orientations.
• Browse color palettes from the color enthusiasts at, adding up to 30 for your personalized clock face.
• Awake to one of the built-in SnoozyTunes or choose music from your iTunes library–you can even select the start position of the chosen song.
• iCloud remembers your color palettes across all your iOS devices.
• Support for 12-hour and 24-hour display formats.
• Best-in-class accessibility with VoiceOver support for all clock faces and settings.
• No ads, nothing extra to buy.

Please note that Snoozy must be running in the foreground for all of its features to be available. Visit to learn more.


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