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Product Description

Thorlight is an innovative application to control Philips Hue light system.

One of the unique feature of Thorlight is the ability to play dynamic effects by knowing the position of the lights within your environment by the usage of light links, light bands and base groups. With more than 28 meticulously crafted dynamic effects you will discover all the capability your Philips Hue system can offer you and enjoy it more and more every day with nicely controlled effects that will look balanced, polished and lifelike.

Let make your Philips Hue system a bit more incredible !


– Simple, quick and colorful interface
– Beautiful gradient effect that span all over your environment
– Music and sounds effect are enhancing dynamic effect
– Dynamics effects aware of light position to create unique scenes within your environement
– Algorithm that make effects effectives in large Hue lights deployment
– Dynamic effect with random light changes are properly calculated to balance between base groups
– Different section regroup similar effects suited for specific mood, time of day or events
– Notification center Widget to recall scene without unlocking your phone
– Configuration for lights, groups and devices like Hue Tap
– Configuration are saved on bridge so anyone can simply start using Thorlight once configured
– Programmation of scheduled events and timers saved on Philips Hue bridge
– Automated validation of configuration for lights links, bands and groups within the application
– Demonstration mode to enjoy and discover unpurchased sections
– Purchasing section unlock all current and future effects added under the section


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