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Syfy Sync allows you to go inside your favorite Syfy shows in a whole new way. The Syfy Sync app listens to the episode you are watching and delivers contextual photos, videos, behind the scenes trivia, games and more to your iPad or iPhone. It actually responds to WHAT you are watching, giving you a whole new level of interaction with your favorite Syfy shows.
Syfy Sync is currently available for a number of Syfy shows, including 12 Monkeys, Face Off, Defiance, Haven, Warehouse 13, Sharknado and Sharknado 2.

The best part? You can use Syfy Sync anytime; it works with live and repeat viewings, DVR marathons, or episodes watched online or On Demand.

There’s more! You can use Syfy Sync to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to connect with other fans. You can even interact with the show’s stars during the live broadcast.

*Plus: Philips hue & 12 Monkeys Bring You A Whole New Sync!

For those with Philips hue personal wireless lighting, this version of Syfy Sync delivers a completely unique experience. Utilizing hue lights, Sync can control the environment of your room to match the action on screen, giving you a whole new level of interactivity. Use it now with Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One! Also, don’t miss the series premiere of 12 Monkeys on January 16th at 9/8c. You can watch the entire season with unique light tracks for each episode!

Note: Full episodes are not available in this app.


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