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Product Description

The ultimate Light Show app for home DJs.

Now you can own the EDM experience right in your living room. Light DJ is here to take your party to the next level. This interactive app allows you to sync your music with several light effects and colors. Show your friends how you can organize and host the hottest party in town.

The app is designed by and for electronic music lovers and is the #1 light show app for recreating the main stage environment in your own home. Play with your lights like a digital instrument and create your own personalized light shows.

But what kind of light shows can you make with Light DJ?

* The Matrix Light Show Generator gives you the power to strobe any color you want, in rhythm with Trance, Techno, Drum & Bass, and other styles of music. Interact with your lights using 3D Touch technology included on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

* The Pattern Builder makes it easy for you to create looping light patterns with custom colors – great for creating multi-color strobe effects!

* The SceneMaker Effects controller is perfect for hands-off light shows. Just turn on your lights, enable automatic beat detection, and let the SceneMaker run all night long. Each of the 17 different effects can be customized with your favorite colors.

* The full-screen iPad app offers two additional controllers offering the user full-control over their lights. With over 40 buttons, the iPad app offers the most complete Light DJ experience.

— iPhone App Features —
* Automatic beat detection via microphone – make your lights flash to your music!
* Set the tempo (bpm) with the tap of your finger
* Brightness control
* Light grouping & ordering
* Comes with 10 color presets
* Over 1+ billion custom color combinations!

— iPad App Features —
* DJ Controller-inspired design for ultimate lighting control
* Full-screen Matrix Controller – an interactive, multi-touch light show generator with 360-hue color spectrum control
* Classic controller, including 6 effect buttons and 4 tapper button for creating unique rhythms
* Deluxe “Pro” controller with dual-zone lighting control, exclusively for LIFX users

Light DJ is the most advanced light show app available and can easily help you sync lights to your music. It gives you the flexibility to create any pattern or light show, whenever you feel like it wherever you are. You can literally be in your living room and have the opportunity to have a blast with the coolest light app in the market. You can finally immerse yourself with music under your own rules and control.

Don’t wait any longer, download Light DJ and get blown away at how much you can do.

Visit for support and video previews. Also check us out on social media:
-Instagram: @lightdj
-Twitter: @lightdjapp

LIFX or Philips Hue smart light bulbs are required in order to use this app. See or for more information.

*Bulb performance is limited by network conditions and the command rate of the bulbs. For optimum performance, we recommend installing the latest bulb firmware updates. Beta firmware is not supported, but may work normally.


Hi, I’m Kevin, the creator of Light DJ. I want to make sure that everyone gets a great light show, so if you’re having issues getting the app to connect, or have any suggestions, shoot me an email at I’m dedicated to making a quality app so you can show off your new lights!


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