Aivee: Universal Remote Control

Aivee: Universal Remote Control

Aivee: Universal Remote Control

Yumixo Labs
iOS 7.0 +


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Product Description

A universal app to control all your networked TVs, TiVo and Dune HD receiver, Philips Hue and LIFX lights. Aivee is modern replacement for your old remotes. Switch channels with a swipe, choose any lights color, save you favorite presets with one tap. Aivee is free and it really works.

With Aivee you can:

• Control all devices from one screen or create different room profiles
• Control your TV in one of three modes or customize your own remote
• Set lighting for every occasion and save your favorite presets

Full list of currently supported devices:

• LG Smart TVs (running WebOS and NetCast)
• Samsung Smart TVs
• Philips Hue lights
• LIFX lights
• TiVo Box
• DuneHD player
• … and growing! Tell us what else you want to be controlled at


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