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Yonomi connects your connected home to make your life simpler and your devices more useful.

With just the free app, Yonomi connects all of your favorite connected devices – Sonos speakers, Jawbone UP fitness trackers, Philips Hue lights, August Smart Locks, Mimo baby monitors, Withings scales and fitness trackers, Belkin Wemo Switches, LED Bulbs, Motion sensors, and Netcams and, of course, your Mobile Phone and Tablet. Just set up simple routines to coordinate your devices together. Now your devices will react to each other and, more importantly, react to you!

The Yonomi app runs in the background of your phone and simplifies your life by automatically turning the lights on when you come home, announcing the weather in the morning, adjusting your thermostat when you leave your home, pausing the music when you get a phone call, and so much more. It all happens automatically — and we take care of setup too. Discovery is completely automatic — you’re up and running in no time.

No more hubs! There is no Hub needed — and best of best of all, Yonomi is free. No extra hardware needed, just the Yonomi app and the connected devices you already love.

Supported Devices:

* August Smart Lock (requires August Connect Bridge)

* Belkin WeMo Switch
* Belkin WeMo Insight Switch
* Belkin WeMo Light Switch
* Belkin Wemo LED Bulbs and the Link Bridge
* Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor
* Belkin WeMo Maker
* Belkin WeMo Netcam
* Belkin WeMo Netcam HD
* Belkin Wemo enabled Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker
* Belkin Wemo enabled Crock-Pot Slowcooker

* Cree Connected LED Bulbs (requires compatible Zigbee Hue Hub or Wemo Link Bridge)
* GE Link Connected LED Bulbs (requires compatible Zigbee Hue Hub or Wemo Link Bridge)

* Jawbone UP
* Jawbone UP Move
* Jawbone UP2
* Jawbone UP24
* Jawbone UP3
* Jawbone UP Standalone App

* Logitech Harmony

* Mimo Baby Monitor

* Nest Protect Smoke+CO Alarm
* Nest Thermostat

* Parrot Flower Power

* Philips Hue Downlights
* Philips Hue Light Strips
* Philips Hue Lights
* Philips Hue Lux Lights
* Philips Hue Spotlights

* Quirky Aros Air Conditioner
* Quirky Egg Minder
* Quirky Overflow Water Sensor
* Quirky Tripper Door & Window Sensor

* Sonos Connect
* Sonos Connect:Amp
* Sonos Play:1
* Sonos Play:3
* Sonos Play:5
* Sonos Playbar
* Sonos ZonePlayer 80
* Sonos ZonePlayer 100

* Withings Activite
* Withings Activite Pop
* Withings Pulse
* Withings Smart Body Analyzer
* Withings Wireless Scale

* Many more to come!

If actions aren’t firing, send us an email and we’ll happily help investigate.
Run in to any problems, have some questions, or have an idea? Let us know — we’d love to help. Just email us at support@yonomi.co — we love our users and respond to every email.


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