Toddlers: Round and round

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Product Description

The world around us is going Round and Round. Make your toddler to learn aspects of periodicity by circulating various interactive occurrences on colorful scenes.
Simple interactive experiences will stimulate your kids mind by fulfilling simple objective – make it go round and round.
Compatible with Philips Hue lights for fully immersive experience.

Toddlers and babies will enjoy playing by themselves or with a parent as a sandbox type of educational activity.

This simple game will provide new inspiration for hours of creative play even beyond your mobile device boundaries (when paired with Philips Hue lights). Again and again, round and round.

Features and Highlights
* Different scenes with rich graphical, musical content.
* Works great with Philips Hue lights for truly immersive and colorful experience.
* Smart Nighty Night mode for all scenes, to accompany your toddler in the way to sleep.
* Intuitive navigation and super simple way of interaction for easy game play.
* Suitable for children playing solo, or with their family members.
* Every touch counts, if you see it – tap it.
* Great for hand and eye coordination development.
* Learn aspects of the everyday life elements (farm animals, planet Earth, sea and shore, and much more).
* Improve your kid’s brain observation skills, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.
* Share snapshots of your precious ones smiling at the app.


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