Thunderstorm for Hue

Scott Dodson
iOS 8.0 +


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Product Description

Create a thunderstorm light show using your Philips Hue light bulbs. Watch your lights pulse and flash to the sounds of a thunderstorm.


• Strong Thunderstorm – Heavy rain with frequent lightning and thunder nearby

Lights pulse quickly to the sound of heavy rain. Booming sounds of thunder accompany bright flashes of light.

• Normal Thunderstorm – Steady rain with a full range of lightning and thunder

Lights pulse to the sound of rain. The sound of thunder can be heard from various distances. The closer the lightning, the louder the sound, and the brighter the flashes of light!

• Weak Thunderstorm – Light rain with occasional lightning and thunder in the distance

Lights pulse slowly to the sound of light rain. Dim flashes of light are followed by soft sounds of thunder.


• Change the color and brightness of your lights
• Toggle rain sound effects
• Toggle rain light effects
• Change the color and brightness of the rain light effects
• Toggle lightning light effects
• Toggle thunder sound effects
• Change the color of the lightning light effects


Select one or more lights for your thunderstorm light show. Choose a group that you set up using your Philips Hue app, or create a new group in the Thunderstorm for Hue app.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and appreciate you taking the time to rate the app. By leaving a review, I can continue to improve Thunderstorm for Hue and create a great experience for you and future users. Thank you! —Scott


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