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Product Description

TagMyHue is a simple and easy-to-navigate Philips Hue app with great design and a very special and useful feature.

It is the first app in the world which allows you to connect your personally created Moods with all kind of barcodes and QR codes. This will offer you infinite possibilities of being creative.

Some examples:
– Print out your own QR code and place it next to your entrance door. You arrive at home from a long work day, scan the code and voil√†, your Hue lights will turn on in your “After Work”-Mood.
– You want to chill out with your friends and your favorite drink? Connect the bar code of the bottle with your “Chill Out”-Mood.
– Physics exam in two weeks and you have to study hard every evening. Hmm… connect the barcode of your physics book ISBN number with your very bright “High-Concentration”-Mood.

These are only three examples of million. So be creative and enjoy TagMyHue!


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