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Product Description

For all ages! Create and share beautiful trees with only a few gestures, or watch Ranatree build them for you.

NEW: Let Ranatree take control of your Philips Hue lights! Sit back and relax, watching Ranatree create colors on your device and in your home!

Make your own unique fractal trees: a few basic branches are repeated over and over and create complex, colorful designs.

• intuitive, fun interface: rotate and tilt your view, touch and play with individual branches and watch the whole tree change in real-time
• interactive PhotoFrame mode: enjoy the endless variety of the animation; it’s like a screensaver, but this time you’re allowed to touch!
• connects to Philips Hue lights; individual lights can be assigned colors from different parts of the tree
• 3D fractal trees: true 3 dimensional perspective or anaglyph 3D mode (requires 3D red-cyan glasses)
• save images and share them by email
• full instructions included, tap near the bottom for the menu and choose ‘i’ for more information
• universal app

We welcome your feedback at ranatree@ranavision.com!

PLEASE NOTE: we do not recommend this app if you are using a “modified” version of iOS.


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