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iConnectHue continues where Philips’ original stops. Clean up your many Hue lights:
Organize your lights in groups, let them glow in your favourite colors, depending on where you are and how you feel. Want to go to bed? Just start up the integrated sleep timer and close your eyes. Have a Hue Tap lying on side of your bed? Program it to slowly fade your lights off.

iConnectHue is also available for the iPad! Search for iConnectHue HD!

iConnectHue was made to be easy – everything is max two taps away from where you are. Still you’ll get the power to control everything! This all comes in a nice clean package, that’s easy to use! It’s possibly the only Hue app you will need.

Here’s how it looks and works like (Version 1.9).

Have a problem? Have an idea? Use the integrated feedback system and drop a mail. Give a short explanation of your problem. This app works, it has been tested by several people before release, and if it doesn’t for you, I will help you to make it work!

Note: The Watch app has been improved on real hardware and will get an update very soon.

Why iConnectHue?
• Full feature set – control almost every aspect of your hues – and constant updates
• NEW: Apple Watch support – switch all your lights directly from your wrist!
• NEW: Multiply the possibilities of your Hue Tap! Up to four alternations per tap button and multiple actions (per alternation) and fade times can be set – control multiple groups with one button and switch between multiple presets or brightnesses with just one tap button!
• It lets you group your lights – for example by rooms
• Group colors can be stored as a preset, light colors as a favourite
• It turns your lights on when you come home (always, by time frame, or short/long before sunset) (limited to two minutes between coming home and being in your WiFi due to iOS)
• Works with multiple devices: All groups are shared, presets, favourites and selections are shared via iCloud (devices need same iCloud account, works also between iPad and iPhone)
• Create timers with colors and presets, each day or certain days, with or without random offset, at sunrise or sunset
• Directly edit your lights on / off state, lightness and color
• Drag & drop colors from one lamp to another
• Let iConnectHue slowly fade down the lights when you go to bed
• Include your Living Colors / Living whites lights into your Hue system – iConnectHue can find them! (without their remote, via TouchLink search, like Lampstealer)
• Supports Dresden Elektronik FLS-PP lp and FLS-H lp
• Fade over to a new preset or use a simple color cycle animation per light
• Find new lights, new hue taps, add lights from other bridges, update your bridge and lights firmware
• Integrated help and manual makes it easy to understand the usage and to solve problems
• Connect faster to the bridge on app start than the original Hue app – no more useless waiting!

You need more? Additional modules are available via in app purchase:
• With Watch Plus you can give voice commands, control your groups, adjust their brightness and load their presets, start sleep timers
• Create the iOS widget you want, with live preview! Add presets, switches, a shortcut to the sleep timer, light states and dimmers
• Remote Access – Turn off your lights when you go and turn them on without time limitation
• Save energy by turning devices off with Living Whites plugs when you are not at home (included in remote access)

What’s new in iConnectHue 2? Have a look here: http://iconnecthue.com/?page_id=19

More information on http://iconnecthue.com


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