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Enjoy some of the most relaxing dynamic light effects for Philips Hue and checkout Huedini.
Huedini offers a collection of 5 predefined dynamic light effects and a module called Scene Looper to setup 5 more of your very own Huedini effects. Every effect slowly fades its underlying colors into each other to create an endlessly moving background lighting. Download Huedini now and get up to 10 dynamic light effects to improve your home and other places.

free features:
– dynamic light effect “fire”
– dynamic light effect “pulse”
– set fade and transition time per effect
– 5 minute preview of additional effects (see inApps below)
– magic menu with shortcuts (pause/on/off)
– sleep timer
– background mode (with atmospheric audio soundtrack)
– no ads

optional features with inApps:
– FX Pack: unlock light effects ocean, saloon and superstars
– Scene Looper: unlock and create 5 of your own individual scene looper effects to get the perfect dynamic lighting for your home.

bugs and feature requests:
– don’t hesitate to contact me via if you experience errors or if you have ideas for new features. I am happy to keep Huedini going.

I hope you enjoy using Huedini, feel free to tell others here how you like it.


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