Hue Thunder for Philips Hue

Hue Thunder for Philips Hue

Hue Thunder for Philips Hue

iOS 9.0 +


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Product Description

Thunder for Philips Hue done right. Finally.

Meet the most spectacular and realistic Thunder Ambiance app available for Philips Hue. It’s truly immersive.

Hue Thunder provides an unique thunder simulation in various settings. Every time you start one of the ambiances it will be different and unpredictable. Al light effects have been precisely created and synced with thunder sound to create and impressive simulation with your Philips Hue setup. It will impress everyone.
Hue thunder can also be used to train pets to get used to thunder sounds and light.

Choose from the following thunder presets and themes:

Thunder presets:
– Light drizzle.
– On a rainy day.
– Heavy rain pours down.
– Light thunder storm.
– Inside the thunder storm.
– Heavy thunder storm.
– Tornado Alley.
– Hurricane mayhem.

Thunder Ambient presets:
– A damp rain forest.
– At the beach after a warm day.
– Staring out the window in a busy city.
– A walk in the city under the umbrella.
– Bad weather camping at the lake.

The following elements can be altered during playback:
– Sky brightness.
– Thunder brightness.
– Thunder occurrence.
– Environment volume.
– Thunder volume.

Other features:
– Bluetooth and Airplay supported with delay compensation.
– Sleep timer to safely fall asleep with a stormy background.

(Hue Thunder also works without Philips Hue, but obviously without light effects).


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