Hue Sunset

Byron Wilkinson
iOS 7.0 +


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Product Description

Turn your hue lights on at sunset. Hue Sunset adjusts the times of hue lighting schedules created with the hue manufacturer’s application. On time can be adjusted for sunset with an offset. Off time can be adjusted for sunrise. These adjustments are made automatically while Hue Sunset runs in the background on your iOS device.

PLEASE NOTE: Hue Sunset does not create schedules it only modifies them. They must be created using the Philips hue application. Schedules are called Alarms in the Philips hue application. See the Information tab in the Hue Sunset application for steps necessary to set up proper operation.

Hue Sunset Features:
•Adjust a schedule to turn lights on at sunset
•Adjust a schedule to turn lights off at sunrise
•Add offset to sun event time up to two hours before or after
•Adjust fixed on or off times
•Convenient on/off switches for light control
•Updates occur automatically in the background

•A hue lighting system on a Wi-Fi network
•The hue manufacturer’s application
•Location services enabled
•Background App Refresh enabled
•Application remains loaded
•iOS 7 or later for background tasking


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