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Hue Lights on Apple Watch is here! Activate scenes, adjust group brightness, and trigger alerts all from your Apple Watch. Get the most out of your Philips Hue system with fast widget support, shared scenes and groups, comprehensive scheduling, and powerful light controls. Create multiple “On” and “Off” schedules per scene. Each scrolling list has one-tap “On” and “Off” controls. Tap on the leftmost light image to turn on a light, scene or group. Tap on the rightmost power button to turn them off. Tap in the middle to make changes.

Please see the comprehensive FAQ at for help. The free version of the Hue Lights third-party app allows control of lights 1 and 2. In-App purchases can unlock all lights and more scenes.

All screens are optimized for your favorite iOS devices in portrait and landscape mode, especially iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPad devices.

Hue Lights works well with any third-party app that saves scenes or schedules on the SmartBridge. Do you have a favorite scene from another app that you use frequently? With Hue Lights you can turn this scene on or off with one tap! Hue Lights will show every schedule saved on your SmartBridge from any app and give you the option to disable or remove unwanted schedules.

– Apple Watch support
– Fast Widget for scene and group activation
– Alerts and brightness changes from Widget
– Create animations and run in the background
– Supports multiple ZigBee lights including GE Link
– Share scenes, groups and schedules on the bridge
– Multiple On+Off bridge schedules per scene
– One-tap On+Off control from all scrolling lists
– Heuristics for working around common errors
– Create transition times up to 90 minutes
– Designed to work well with 50+ light deployments

Experience multi-track, synchronized and visually appealing light animations. Try the Demo animation for free with all of your lights! The other animations will use lights 1 and 2 in the free version of the App. After unlocking all of the lights, you can apply any System or User Defined scene to any of the animations. You can enjoy silent, background light animations by moving the Manage Animations Volume Slider to 0%.

Create and share User Defined groups with other iOS devices on your WiFi network. 16 shared groups can be created on the SmartBridge. When using these shared groups all of the lights change at the same time. Apply favorites, alerts, effects and transition times to scenes and groups.

The Home screen lets you easily toggle between recently used scenes, groups and shared scenes. This makes everyday use a snap since your most common tasks can be activated with a couple of taps. Scenes can contain “On” and “Off” lights, so a single tap could turn some lights off and turn others on. Creating and changing lights is easier than ever. Just tap the light image to quickly access your favorite colors.

When you unlock all of the lights the App automatically adds your lights to every system scene. The new lights will fit the system scene using variations on a theme. Any previous customizations will be preserved. If you have previously unlocked all of the lights or you add new lights to your system, you can fill in any missing gaps via the “Set Up” tab by selecting the “Update Scenes” option.

Purchasing the “Unlock 100 Scenes” In-App item includes 10 hand-crafted scenes that work great with the animations. This purchase allows you to create 100 User Defined scenes in addition to the 10 pre-configured bonus scenes. It also includes 15 new favorites. Have fun!

Requires “Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Set” to operate.

“Hue Personal Wireless Lighting” is a trademark owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., see for more information. LapApps, LLC is in no way affiliated with the Philips organization.

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