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Product Description

Hue Invadr for Philips Hue:
Explore stunning audio-reactive color gradients in your personal environment.

Enjoy a mesmerizing interplay between 2 lights that suppress each other, pulse from one side to another or change their color to your favorite music.

Interact by tweaking the sliders or simply shake the device to activate a random behavior. A calm pulse between your lights or an invasion of rainbows?
It’s up to you.

“Synthesize” your personal audio-reactive light behavior and lose yourself in the beauty of colors.

The appearance and behavior of Hue Invadr is hypnotizing like a lava-lamp.

WARNING: Hue Invadr can cause epileptic seizures or other sudden disturbances of the state of consciousness.


• To support the mixing of colors place 2 Philips Hue compatible lamps next to each other and surround them by a diffusor (Plexiglas / curtain etc.). Be careful, lamps can get hot.

• Use up to 4 bulbs (2 per color) via in App Purchase.

• Using Apple TV? Hue Invadr sends its gradient to your TV when AirPlay-mirroring is enabled to support the lightning around you.

• Use the built-in mic or your music as audio source


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