Home – Home Automation with HomeKit

Home - Home Automation with HomeKit

Home – Home Automation with HomeKit

Matthias Hochgatterer
iOS 9.0 +


The Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 brings HomeKit compatibility. The Home app enables even more home automation options like better scene control, triggers and much more! check it out!

Home lets you manage all your HomeKit accessories from just one app. No more app switching when controlling accessories from different manufacturers.

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Product Description

Home lets you control your HomeKit accessories on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can manage your homes and create rooms, zones, scenes and triggers. Accessories can be added to homes and grouped into rooms.

Home allows you to create timer and event triggers. For example an event trigger raises the room temperature when you leave the office after sunset only if the current temperature is lower than 20°C.

Your most important accessories can be marked as favorite. Favorites are listed in the Today View and on Apple Watch.

Today View
The Today View allows you to quickly see and control main properties of an accessory.

Apple Watch
On Apple Watch you have full control over your favorite accessories. You can change all properties fast and easily.

Accessories must be HomeKit compatible to work with the app.


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