App of the month

App of the month

App of the month… Light Stories !

This wonderful app for kids will emerge the room in the colours of one of the three stories about three magical worlds. Together with the accompanied sounds, your children’s bedroom will come alive while reading them their bedtime story.

1. Mr. Henbury is a colorful peacock. His feathers make the room turn into all colors of the rainbow. By accident Mr. Henbury’s feathers were lost. In his search for his feathers he will meet a lot of different animals.

2. Poppy is living in a village called Mirrorclass, a very colourful, happy place. When an evil headmaster tries to steal all the colours Poppy will try save her village.

3. Dee finds out there is a monster that’s stealing all light. He hunts this light monster down. Apparently this monster steals all light to do tricks.

The stories are suitable for children as young as 3 and as old as 10.

An amazing way to put your kids to bed!


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